"...so what do you do dear?"

And so I leave my apartment and as I walk the short distance from stairs to parking spot I encounter numerous older women, enamored with this new single girl in the building. Each of them inquire about my age, my boyfriend status and then of course my occupation. I'm stumped. What do I do? Nanny... waitress... shop girl... "I'm a missionary."

What an amazing statement to proclaim after months of prayer and doubt, support raising and tears... How blessed I am to be able to share the love of Jesus with the nations. I am blessed by those who have chosen to step out in faith with me and support my efforts... I am eagerly awaiting all that the Lord chooses to do through us all. Here I come...


JOIN ME IN 2012 !!!!!

Gamo Goffa region :: June 7- June 18, 2012

Porto Viejo :: June 29- July 7, 2012

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