Simply the Story...

Have you heard of Storying?
It is a technique used to evangelize cultures of non-literate learners. These cultures have passed their traditions, history and religions down through stories for centuries. The truths that we base our faith on as Christians are housed in the stories of the Bible. God wrote the Bible as:
75% narrative (story)
15% poetry
10% exposition
The idea behind Storying is that you learn the format by which these cultures create and present their stories and then you put Biblical stories into this format. This will allow non-literate cultures to learn, remember and pass down the truths in scripture once you have shared the gospel with them.

I will be attending a conference this month called Simply the Story. Simply the Story encourages presenters of Bible information to use the whole story as God gave it, and then to go back and find the spiritual information the story contains. As well, the presenter learns how to form questions for a discussion forum that will lead listeners to that information. I am very excited about this new strategy and I am anxious to see how it will impact the non-literate Gamo culture in Ethiopia that we will visit this summer. At this conference I will not only learn the strategy but be trained to teach it! The conference is January 25-29 so stay tuned! Peace.


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Gamo Goffa region :: June 7- June 18, 2012

Porto Viejo :: June 29- July 7, 2012

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