About a week ago one of our translators, Karina, from our Ecuador trip this summer Facebooked me. She told me that she had been back to our sight in Loma Blanca where we did evangelism and discipleship. This is not her home church but because of the relationships we formed there she really wanted to go visit the people who we had shared Jesus with.

Upon entering the church she told me that she saw face after face of the people whom we had shared with and discipled while down in Portoviejo. "I saw Eric and Anita, I saw Jonathan, I saw Jacqueline and her baby..." The list went on and on. What an encouragement to hear that our work was fruitful and that those who heard the Gospel and were discipled are now plugged into a church community where they will be loved and taught truth. And what a blessing to get praise reports as easily as I do... Just another Facebook message, but to me so much more!! Thanks Facebook!


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Gamo Goffa region :: June 7- June 18, 2012

Porto Viejo :: June 29- July 7, 2012

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